We’re thrilled to announce the two winners of our “Nominate a Hero” contest, which honors the essential workers who are putting their own health at risk every day during this pandemic.

Congratulations to Scott Anderson, one of the winners! He is a police officer of 32 years and has spent every day in the front lines of the COVID-19 virus serving the citizens of Atkinson. Scott and his wife Wendy will receive a couple’s membership to Brookstone, valued at $950.

Congratulations to Marcella Arch, our second winner for our Nominate a Hero contest. Her husband wrote “My wife Marcella works in Boston as a paramedic and has done so for over 20 years. Riding to NY during 911, Florida after a hurricane, the list goes on. She is a considerably caring paramedic, always talking about patient care. She injured her wrist giving CPR one week before COVID-19 hit hard. The injury most likely originated from a multi-car accident she was involved in during the transport of a patient to the hospital. The ambulance was struck by the car, but thanks to Marcella’s quick thinking, nobody was seriously injured. She found it really hard to sit still and do nothing, so she constantly called in to check on friends, neighbors, and colleagues to share her ear and her knowledge. She continued her physical therapy until getting cleared by her doctor, then went straight back to work without fuss and has been serving the community ever since. I’m very proud to call her my wife and I think she deserves whatever accolades and praise she can get. Marcella is our hero!” Marcella and her husband have won a 2020 Couples Membership at Brookstone (a $950 value).

We’re so grateful to have people like Marcella and Scott working for their communities during this outbreak!