By now you’re well underway to making your dream wedding a reality. There are so many steps and what seems like an endless amount of planning that goes into any wedding; especially if you’re taking on the load yourself without the help of a professional wedding or event planner. One often overlooked aspect is creating your wedding registry. This is especially true with more couples living together before marriage and already owning many of the items that would traditionally go on a registry. When the thought of figuring out what you should and shouldn’t include brings you more stress than finding the perfect gown, take a deep breath and read on for tips on creating your perfect wedding registry.
Your wedding is the biggest day of both of your lives and planning it should be something that you do together. That also goes for creating your registry. Since the items you include on it are meant to help you start your married life together, you both need to have input and mutually decide what those items are.
While you’re out registering together, turn the experience into a day just for the two of you. With all of the pre-wedding stress, you could very well be neglecting your relationship. Plan time for breaks in between stores you’re registering at so you can recharge with things like coffee or lunch and be sure to talk about things other than your wedding. This way you’re spending the day being productive, but also making time for your relationship beyond your nuptials.
The most important thing to do before you venture out to start choosing items for your registry is to go through your home and take stock of what you do and don’t have. While doing so, make a list. Start with the items you don’t have and would like, but make sure you’ll have room for them. Then go through and decide what items you own, but would like to replace. For example, you probably already own living room furniture, but maybe it’s time to upgrade to a new sofa. Having a plan will help keep you on track and make the process of registering less stressful.
One essential thing about registries is that they aren’t cookie cutter. Everyone will have opinions of what you should and shouldn’t add, and of course, you should take the advice of those closest to you into consideration, but don’t consider it to be the end all be all. Let your registry reflect you as a couple and your needs. If you’re the outdoorsy type, register for camping gear. If you’re both into fitness, add some gym equipment. If you’re always on the go and traveling, ask for new luggage. There are plenty of ways you can tailor your registry to your lifestyle and include things you’ll actually use.
If you see something that you really want or need, don’t be afraid to add it to your registry because you’re afraid it’s too big or too expensive. In terms of size, guests can order the gift and have it shipped directly to your home. For more pricey items, some guests will choose to split the cost of more expensive wedding gifts so they aren’t taking the cost on alone.
For those who do decide to split the cost of a more expensive item, if they’re especially close to the couple they might also want to purchase a smaller inexpensive item that’s just from them. For reasons like this, you want to make sure you have a variety of items, both in size and price. Personalized items are great ideas for smaller gifts and hold the emotional value that someone close to you would want to provide.
After you’ve spent the time carefully curating your registry, you want to make sure that your guests can easily find it. Include your registry information within your shower invitations so that anyone invited to your wedding will know where to go. Also, be sure to add your registry to your wedding website so that your guests can easily access it and all other important information pertaining to your big day.
When your guests do go to the actual store to look at your registry, make sure that they can easily look it up. Guests closer to you will likely search for your name, while your partner’s close friends and relatives will look up theirs. Keep this in mind when creating and submitting your registry and be sure to include both of your names. Also, triple check that both names are spelled correctly. The last thing you want is to spend all that time on your registry only to have your guests not find it because they searched for the wrong name.
Yes, wedding planning is stressful. And yes, your registry can seem like a tedious task. But this is your wedding and the base for your wedded life, make sure to enjoy the moments and have fun while you’re at it.