It’s every golfer’s dream to one day achieve the most coveted feat in golf, holing out from the tee box without ever having to hit a second shot. While getting a hole-in-one is something that everyone feels they are just one lucky shot away from achieving, the actual odds of making an ace are stacked against you. While the odds of a pro golfer making a hole-in-one are roughly 1 in 2,500, the odds of an average amateur golfer holing out from the tee box are closer to 1 in 12,500. However, even against those odds, thousands of people get lucky every year. Nearly 150,000 aces happen each year out of the millions of rounds played every day.
If that fateful stroke of luck does ever come your way, there are a couple musts that every person should do after an ace. After the initial celebration and pictures, be sure to pocket that lucky ball, as that is a memento worth keeping on the shelf at home (and a nice excuse to bring up your shot when your friends are over). Another must is to follow the time honored tradition of buying a drink for your fellow playing partners after your round, as such a rare event deserves to be celebrated. Even the best golfers can go there whole lives without achieving such a feat, so take pride in knowing you’ve joined the small percentage of people get to check this off their bucket list.
While getting a hole-in-one is one of the hardest tasks in sports, one way to improve your chances is by playing at a par 3 course. If you are looking to have a chance on every hole to make a dream come true, come play a round at Brookstone Park in Derry, and enjoy our 9 hole par 3 course. If you do manage to pull off golf’s ultimate feat, you can be added to our hole-in-one list on our website. Check out who has managed to join the list so far!