The ultimate struggle for golfers is the battle between distance and accuracy. While many people love to get up to the tee box and swing for all they’re worth, any experienced golfer will tell you that this will ultimately lead to poor results. Here are some tips to help with accuracy without giving up distance.
One of the first steps one must take to improve length and accuracy is maintain a solid sense of balance throughout the swing. This means making sure your weight is correctly distributed from the moment the club leaves the ground to when you finish your follow through. This starts with the way you address the ball. With a driver in hand, your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart and the ball should be placed even with the inside of your front foot. During the swing, it is important to stay behind the ball and not shift your weight forward, as this leads to the club face not being square at the point of contact, and will hurt accuracy and distance. Another keytip to keep in mind is to not “jump” at the ball, which means that you should never be coming up onto your toes. An exercise to help with balance is to see if you would fall over if your playing partner were to push you while swinging.

One of the biggest mistakes golfers make that takes away from distance is not using the whole body when swinging. Relying too heavily on the arms to generate power is a great detriment to creating club head speed. Make sure to turn from the hips, and to fire through on the downswing. Also, try to swing wider, as this will lengthen the swing and create a higher club head velocity at the point of impact.

Once you can nail down some of these tips and improve your swing, the key is to remain consistent with the changes. When going to the range, try to practice consistency by always picking a target and not just swinging to put the ball out there. This can take the form of a flag out in the range, or feel free to practice specific drives you would have on your favorite holes. Just make sure every swing has a purpose so that that practice time is put to good use.

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