If you’re looking to improve your short game this season, want to try a new challenge, or don’t have time for a full round of 18, then don’t be shy about playing a few rounds at your local 9-Hole Par 3 course. Par 3 golf courses, like Brookstone Park’s course, are great for practicing your irons and your short game. They are time-friendly and some of them, like our course, are surprisingly challenging.
Perks of Golfing at a Par-3

The number one perk of a 9-Hole Par 3 is that it takes just over an hour. Golfers who want to squeeze in a round but have a full schedule can swing into a Par 3 before work or on their lunch break.

The average 9-Hole Par 3 course is definitely less intimidating for female, senior and junior golfers. While there are still some serious golfers at these courses, it may be a little more casual than the big championship courses, making it easier for newbies or novices to feel more comfortable.

The courses can be harder than you think. To an experienced golfer, an easy Par 3 may not be your style. But some of the more challenging courses, like Brookstone, feature forced-carries, water hazards, and sand traps, making it a favorite to some very good golfers looking to practice their irons.

Local Par 3 Courses

Brookstone Park Golf Course is located on Rte 111 in Derry on the Atkinson/North Salem line. Reviews don’t lie, as golfers rave about how well-maintained this course is. Friendly staff, on-site practice area, range, and mini golf are added perks.

Murphy’s Garrison Golf Center is located in Haverhill and is perfect for casual fun. They also include a driving range on-site, allowing you to hit a bucket of balls before going out on the course.

Atkinson Country Club is located in Atkinson and is known for being a great course. Atkinson also offers two restaurants on site if you’re looking to play some quick golf and grab a bite.

Maybe next time you’re considering where to golf or what part of your game you could improve, you might think about going to a 9-Hole Par 3. It could surprisingly challenge you if you’ve never tried golfing at one. Hopefully, you find this article helpful and during the season you find yourself at a Par 3 like Brookstone Park.